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"Since 1993, our clinic has strived to provide the highest quality of personalized rehabilitation service possible. New Horizons Rehab’s team of professionals, made up of Physiotherapists, Kinesiologists, an Occupational Therapist, a Speech-Language Pathologist, and Social Worker, strive to meet your individual needs.  Our success is measured by you returning to your optimum lifestyle".

-June Williamson B.Sc. (P.T.), owner and founder of New Horizons Rehabilitation Services Inc.


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About Deanna

Deanna Rose has joined our team at New Horizons as a registered Occupational Therapist. Deanna comes to us with a background of working in the public system at a Children’s Treatment Centre. Her area of expertise is with school-aged kids, supporting their success at both home and school. She has taken pediatric courses in sensory defensiveness, oppositional defiant disorder, executive functioning and Handwriting without Tears. Deanna is also an ADP Authorizer for mobility devices, and is knowledgeable about potential equipment needs.

About Paediatric OT

OT is a regulated health profession that focuses on helping people live their everyday lives to the fullest. We support individuals to overcome barriers and challenges in order to participate in their daily life.

For kids, living to the fullest includes participating at school, playing, learning and developing their independence. There are many challenges, big or small, that interfere with kids reaching their potential. This can be anything from challenges with sensory processing, fine motor skills, self-regulation delays or executive functioning. It may include diagnosed conditions such as ADHD, autism, genetic disorders or physical disabilities – or your child is perhaps just needing a bit extra support and guidance in some areas, no diagnosis needed, in order to promote their success. 

Pediatric OTs address a wide variety of concerns; some common examples:

- Fine motor challenges – often emerge as delays in holding a pencil, independence with fasteners, using utensils; can result in big printing challenges and falling behind in the classroom despite seeming “smart enough” to do the work

- Sensory processing challenges – our brain sometimes has difficulty effectively interpreting the world around us. This results in loud noises, bright lights, crowded areas, food textures and clothing tags going from small annoyance to overstimulation meltdown.

- Self-regulation – big emotions in little bodies can be hard and overwhelming to understand. Day to day life can be really hard for families when frequent, big meltdowns take over and a child just can’t seem to control themselves.

- Executive functioning – are our higher level brain functions such as organizing, planning, attending to and initiating tasks. Do you find yourself asking your child repeatedly to do the same task, have to cue them for every tiny little step, and hear they are struggling in school despite you knowing they understand the work? It might be helpful to talk to an occupational therapist about strategies to support executive functioning skill deficits

This is just mentioning a few common issues we may address; but if your child, or one you work with, is struggling and you just can’t quite pinpoint what’s up or how to help, an occupational therapist may be the answer you’re looking for. We are trained to look at the whole person in context and analyze where things aren’t working out quite right. We are experienced working with the school system and are also a helpful resource to help you advocate for the right supports for your child at school. Contact us to talk about whether an OT might help your child – we’d love to chat about your specific circumstances!


We are offering paediatric physiotherapy at our new Kitchener office,

located at 900 Guelph Street.

For more information, please check out our Paediatric Physiotherapy page

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