COVID-19 Updates

We're OPEN! With COVID-19 precautions in place!

We are so happy to officially open the clinic doors again at New Horizons Rehabilitation Services Inc.! We are now seeing all patients in person, not just those with urgent care needs.

We have done in-depth work to ensure that everything is in place for the safety of both patients and staff, and we have many new procedures to achieve that. Each of our new procedures has the same goal: to protect patients and staff from COVID-19 to the best of our ability.

Physical distancing procedures will be in effect at the clinic to protect our patients and staff. Patients are required to wear masks for their appointments, and staff will be masked as well. Every patient is required to complete COVID-19 screening prior to their appointment. The screening will take place via phone call to limit unnecessary contact. We have also set up a patient arrival phone line to call to ensure that patients are not coming into contact upon arriving and leaving the clinic. As always, hand sanitizer is available at the door for patient use upon arrival. We also have a patient washroom available for hand washing upon arrival.

Virtual visits are still an important option that reduces contact, if care can be provided appropriately that way.

To book your appointment, please call us at 519-291-5402. We are so excited to be hands on again and help our patients through this unprecedented time.

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We’re OPEN to see all patients in person - with COVID-19 Precautions in Place!