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Counselling offers specialized result oriented treatment for individuals who request assistance with a broad range of personal, relationship, social and emotional problems. Counsellors provide the support to assist clients in realizing their maximum potential. Confidentiality is always respected. Clients may seek assistance for a wide range of issues such as handling difficult situations, pain management, lifestyle adaptations, women's issues, depression, anxiety, stress management, grieving and bereavement. Assistance in dealing with the impact of illness or injury on the individual and family, such as, after an acquired brain injury or trauma is available.

Just as injuries require physiotherapy, injuries may also benefit from counseling. Through counselling the stress of pain and frustration may be lessened and may speed up recovery.
In counselling we offer result oriented treatment for personal, relationship, social and emotional problems for the individual, family and marriage.
What type of issues do clients find are aided by counselling?

1. Handling Difficult Situations

a. workplace issues
b. extended family issues
c. friendship issues

2. Pain Management

a. soft tissue injuries
b. recovery from surgery
c. recovery from auto accident

3. Lifestyle Adaptations

a. living as a single Mom after divorce
b. living with lifetime accident injuries
c. retirement

4. Women’s Issues

a. abusive relationships
b. workplace sexual pressures and abuse
c. menopause

5. Depression

a. event depression (e.g. result of the loss of a loved one)
b. clinical depression
c. post trauma depression

6. Anxiety

a. social anxiety (e.g. very anxious about going out to social gatherings, but
once you get there you have a good time)
b. free floating anxiety (e.g. feel anxious but cannot identify the source)
c. self esteem and self confidence issues

7. Stress Management

a. balancing your life between family, work and personal time
b. dealing with job loss or company reorganizations
c. being a parent after divorce

8. Grieving and Bereavement

a. loss of a loved one
b. aiding friends who are grieving
c. dealing with your own impending death

9. Dealing with the impact of illness or injury

a. acquired brain injury (e.g. from an auto accident)
b. loss of the use of different body parts
c. coping with diagnosis of a disease and the changes that incurs
(e.g. diagnosis of Type II diabetes)

There are many other issues that also may be aided by counselling. A counsellor will help you to determine the avenues open to you.

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