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Prescription Orthotics

Are your feet and legs tired at the end of the day?  Do you sit to stand with very sore feet?  Do you have difficulty walking comfortably?  Do you have difficulty completing daily tasks because of sore feet, ankles, knees and hips?  If so, you may benefit from a pair of custom prescription orthotics. 

Gait and existing foot problems can be managed and corrected by the wearing of custom-made orthotics.  Improper foot function and weight distribution of the lower extremities is often the cause of many lower leg, pelvic, and back complaints.

New Horizons Rehabilitation Services Inc. provides an assessment to determine if orthotics are required or would be beneficial for particular conditions.  Assessments are conducted by creating a plaster mold of an individual’s feet, which captures the size, shape, and anatomical structure of the foot in the sub-talar neutral position.  Measurement of the length and width of the feet is also taken using a measuring stick, and relevant information pertaining to the individual’s condition is collected.  The plaster mold is shipped to Footmaxx along with a prescription form that outlines the practitioner’s specific observations and requests. 

A positive plaster cast is created and corrected.  Footmaxx technicians use vacuum forming equipment and processes to shape the orthotic module.  Numerous accommodations such as metatarsal pads and cutouts are added in accordance with the practitioner’s order specifications.  This craftsmanship is then checked by quality control to ensure that it meets the high standards that Footmaxx employs. 

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