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Speech-Language Pathology

Cheryl D. Lindsay, Speech-Language Pathologist, is now associated with New Horizons Rehabilitation Services Inc.  She currently has openings for new clients and a minimal waitlist.

Cheryl has extensive experience with cognitive rehabilitation.  Cheryl has worked in a variety of clinical settings treating Acquired Brain Injury since she began practicing, including schools, private clinics (including her own private practice), hospitals (acute care, in and out-patient rehab and paediatric units), in the community and in nursing homes.  Within these settings, she has treated a variety of congenital and acquired disorders, including a range of presentations and severities of speech, language, stuttering, feeding/swallowing disorders, related to cognitive and acquired brain injuries in both adult and paediatric populations.  Cheryl will...

  • use an integrated team approach to treatment of acquired brain injuries, or individual discipline intervention
  • educate client, family members, school personnel, or other care providers in treatment programs
  • provide written communication with multiple care providers, outlining treatment goals and plans

In addition, Cheryl has substantial experience working with children and adolescents requiring treatment for:

  • child language
  • articulation delays
  • at risk/developmental delays/disorders
  • feeding difficulties
  • autism spectrum disorders
  • learning disabilities
  • cleft lip and palate
  • fluency or stuttering
  • voice disorders
  • acquired brain injury with respect to speech, language and cognitive retraining

Parent training is provided to reinforce treatment.

Cheryl has twelve years of experience treating children, adolescents and adults in a wide variety of areas.  Funding for these services is available through:

  • Extended Health Care Benefits
  • Self payment
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Rehabilitation Benefits

Cheryl sees clients recovering from acquired brain injury in the environment best suited to meet their needs.  This may be in the home, in the school, or in her office in Hanover, located at 539 10th Avenue.  Cheryl sees clients in North Perth, North Wellington, Huron, Grey and Bruce Counties.

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